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Are you in search of a compassionate and expert gynecologist in Visakhapatnam? Look no further than Krishna Hospital. Our dedicated team of top gynecologists in visakhapatnam is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care to women of all ages, addressing a wide range of gynecological concerns with professionalism and sensitivity.

At Krishna Hospital, we understand that every woman’s healthcare needs are unique, which is why we offer a variety of services tailored to meet individual requirements. Whether you’re seeking routine gynecological exams, prenatal care, family planning advice, or treatment for gynecological issues, our experienced gynecologists are here to provide the highest quality of care.

Our gynecologists Vizag are skilled in managing various gynecological conditions, including menstrual disorders, pelvic pain, infertility, menopause symptoms, and more. We utilize advanced diagnostic tools and treatment techniques to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective management of gynecological issues.

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Our Gynecology Services Include

This minimally invasive procedure allows us to examine the inside of your uterus for potential issues like fibroids, polyps, or abnormalities.

Utilizing advanced ultrasound technology, we can visualize your reproductive organs to aid in diagnosis and monitoring.

We offer a range of prenatal tests to assess your baby's health during pregnancy, ensuring a smooth and informed journey.

Whenever possible, we utilize minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques for surgeries, leading to faster recovery times.

This approach allows for precise surgical procedures within the uterus, minimizing invasiveness.

This procedure can be used for various purposes, including removing tissue from the uterine lining for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

Our team offers comprehensive management of uterine fibroids, addressing symptoms and exploring treatment options.

We specialize in treating conditions affecting the urinary system and pelvic floor muscles, promoting improved quality of life. 

Dedicated critical care beds for patients requiring intensive care during gynecological emergencies or surgeries.

We encourage vaccination against HPV, a key factor in cervical cancer prevention.

Navigating menopause can be challenging. Our dedicated hospital provides support and guidance for managing symptoms and health concerns associated with menopause, offering personalized treatment plans.

Our skilled surgeons offer procedures to repair or improve the function of the reproductive system.

While less common, we may offer some cosmetic gynecology procedures. Aesthetic procedures aimed at improving the appearance and function of the female genital area.

  • We understand the unique needs of women with diabetes and can provide guidance on managing it alongside your women's health. 

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Don’t hesitate to discuss all your gynecological concerns with our experts for informed decisions and a stress-free journey. Reach out to Krishna Hospital today!

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Krishna Hospital For The Best Gynecological Care In Visakhapatnam

Expert Gynecologists

Krishna Hospital boasts a team of expert gynecologists who are leaders in their field. With years of experience and specialized training, our gynecologists are equipped to provide the highest quality care for women's health needs.

Comprehensive Range of Services

From routine gynecological exams to advanced treatments and surgeries, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address all aspects of women's health.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technology to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. We prioritize the latest advancements in gynecological care, including minimally invasive surgical techniques and advanced imaging technologies.

Positive Patient Experiences

With a track record of positive patient experiences and testimonials, Krishna Hospital has earned a reputation for excellence in gynecological care. We are committed to delivering the highest quality care and ensuring that our patients receive the best possible outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's recommended to see a gynecologist for annual checkups and screenings, even if you're not experiencing any problems.  They can also address concerns about:

  • Menstruation (periods)
  • Birth control
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Pelvic pain
  • Infertility
  • Menopause

Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to examine the inside of the uterus. It's commonly performed to diagnose and treat conditions such as abnormal bleeding, fibroids, polyps, and infertility issues.

Tubal recanalisation is a surgical procedure to reopen blocked fallopian tubes, often to restore fertility in women who have undergone tubal ligation (sterilization) and wish to conceive again.

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, is performed through small incisions using specialized instruments. Our gynecologists utilize this technique for various procedures such as hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal, and treatment of endometriosis.

Hysteroscopic surgery is used to treat conditions affecting the uterus, including removing fibroids, polyps, scar tissue, and correcting uterine abnormalities like septum or adhesions.

D&C is a surgical procedure to remove tissue from the uterus. It may be performed to diagnose or treat conditions such as abnormal uterine bleeding, miscarriage management, or to remove retained products of conception after childbirth or abortion.

Yes, we offer a dedicated Fibroid Clinic where patients can receive comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment options for uterine fibroids, including medical management, minimally invasive procedures, and surgical interventions.

Yes, we have specialized critical care beds equipped to handle gynecological emergencies and post-operative care for complex gynecological surgeries.

Uro Gynaecology focuses on the diagnosis and management of pelvic floor disorders, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and other conditions affecting the urinary tract and pelvic organs.

Yes, we provide vaccination programs aimed at preventing cervical cancer by immunizing against human papillomavirus (HPV), the primary cause of cervical cancer.

Perinatal diagnostics involve a range of tests and screenings performed during pregnancy to monitor the health and development of both mother and baby, including prenatal ultrasounds, fetal monitoring, genetic testing, and amniocentesis.

Yes, we offer advanced ultrasound imaging services for gynecological evaluations, including transvaginal and abdominal ultrasound scans.

Yes, we have a dedicated Menopause Clinic where patients can receive comprehensive evaluation, management, and support for symptoms and health concerns associated with menopause.

We offer reconstructive and reproductive surgeries to address various gynecological conditions, including pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, infertility, and congenital abnormalities.

Cosmetic gynecology involves aesthetic procedures aimed at improving the appearance and function of the female genital area. Procedures may include labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, and hymenoplasty.

Yes, we offer specialized care for diabetic patients, including nutritional counseling and management strategies to optimize health outcomes during pregnancy and beyond.

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Krishna Hospital Offers Complete Gynecological Services.